Turn every ‘stay’ into an


We match micro moments with guest preferences for a truly tailor-made stay.

We believe that it is in these magical moments that hotels can build unprecedented loyalty among their customers and create new revenue opportunities.

Redefining hospitality

We hyper personalize every event and moment throughout a
guest’s lifecycle by applying predictive learning and intelligent data.


Manage guest bookings by mapping their preferences even before they check-in to the hotel. Hudini creates smart profiles for every guest that has ever visited a property and learns from past guest behaviour to personalise everything from hotel transfers to reserving the right type of room.


Understand the where, how and when of every guest’s preferences to deliver immaculately personalised experiences. Set at the right temperature, keep their preferred type of linen ready and deliver handcrafted F&B and entertainment experiences. Hudini helps hotels meet each guest’s needs, every single time.


Don’t just reduce check-in time, make it completely contactless with a custom built pre-check in and mobile key experience. Guests can skip concierge and head directly to their rooms, reducing non-essential interactions. Meet the highest standards of security and cleanliness protocols with Hudini.

In-room engagement

Give guests access to all their favourite content on their personal and hotel devices so that they can pick up right where they left off. Leverage the power of seamless entertainment with screen casting and voice command features for an in-room experience unlike any other.


Give guests access to all hotel services at their fingertips. From ordering a meal to booking a spa appointment, deliver curated experiences through multiple points of engagement. With intuitive personalisation and behaviour prediction analytics, create an unforgettable stay for each and every individual.


An easy to use and intuitive centralised system for guests to manage all their orders and bookings during their stay. Hotels can share periodic updates and reminders, making sure guests never miss an important moment. Push intelligent offers at vital points of the guest’s journey and increase opportunities to up-sell.


Provide guest with a seamless check-out experience with scheduled check out times and pre-orchestrated exit routines. Hudini archives every engagement to provide a detailed history of a guest’s stay, making bill payments quicker and transparent. Guests can review and pay online without ever stopping at the front desk.


Build guest loyalty programs that drive customer advocacy and revisits through the Hudini platform. Integrate multi-event guest data and profiles across all properties to periodically share relevant and personalised information and offers. Build long lasting relationships with every guest.

Seeing is believing

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